Alabama vs. Georgia live

Alabama vs. Georgia live stream.watch Alabama vs. Georgia National Championship 2018: Live stream, watch online, score, TV channel,Date: Monday, Jan. 8 Start Time: 8:00 p.m. ET Location: Atlanta, GA Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium Odds: Alabama -4.5 TV Info: ESPN. watch free now.

Alabama vs. Georgia live

FP championship game between Alabama and Clemson was a rematch of the 2015 final. Those two schools are 326 miles apart. This year’s combatants are only 273 miles apart and hail from the same football-crazed corner of the country and the same powerhouse league: the vaunted Southeastern Conference. Serendipitously, Monday game will be played at Atlanta’s brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium before an audience including the president of the United States. No area of the country cares more about college football or has enjoyed more success in it than the deep south. But does the region dominate because they care more … or do they care more because they are so dominant?
Trump to attend Atlanta title game with Kendrick Lamar set for half-time show
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Probably a little bit of both. In 2016, the SEC unveiled “It Just Means More” as its new slogan and it was stroke of marketing genius, encapsulating in four words what had been undeniably true of the region’s feelings on college athletics for decades. America’s cultural obsession with sports has been well-documented for over a century, but one must keep in mind that professional sports is a relatively new phenomenon in the south. The Atlanta Braves of baseball’s National League, the first top-flight professional sports team in the region, didn’t throw their first pitch after re-locating from Milwaukee until April 1966. The gridiron came next with the Atlanta Falcons beginning operations in the fall of that year and the New Orleans Saints arriving in 1967.

Thus the region’s fans have historically treated their college teams with the primacy afforded to professional franchises just about anywhere else. And these fans are fervent. States like Kentucky and North Carolina adopted basketball as their sport of choice, but for the rest of the deep south, the gridiron was and remains king. Alabama claims to have won 18 national championships with the first coming in 1925. Georgia’s first claimed title would come two years later in 1927. Southern football’s dominance has been solidified over the past two decades. Over the last 20 years, Alabama has won five national championships, but conference mates Florida (two), Louisiana State (two), Tennessee and Auburn (one apiece) have also won titles. Southern schools Florida State (two) and Clemson (one, last year) have also raised banners since the unified national championship system known as the Bowl Championship Series started in 1998.