Bellator 201 live

Bellator 201 live stream.Bellator 201 goes down tonight, and it features a women’s flyweight title fight between champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane and Alejandra free now


Bellator 201 live

the headliner will have a spotlight of its own, I believe there are some things to look out for on the rest of the main card. From rising contenders to crossroads matchups, Bellator has put together a supporting cast that could produce some highlights.

Below are some examples of what I’ll be watching for from each main-card matchup this weekend.

Although his striking might not be the standout part of his game, Couture has made steady upgrades since jumping into MMA, adopting techniques and tactics from coaches like Ray Sefo and Tim Lane. Working off of improved feints and footwork, Couture does well with mixing up his punches and kicks, sneakily changing up the side from which his follow-ups come. And once the eight-year pro can use this pressure to push his opposition into the fence, he immediately gets to work in his comfort zone of the clinch.

Despite taking a lot from his father’s game within close quarters, the younger Couture has always had more of a calling for the submission side of grappling. An intelligent operator on the mat, Couture can competently play positional or transitional-based games and is an absolute showstopper once he can achieve the back mount. That said, Couture will probably have to dig deep into his playbook for the challenge ahead.