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World Cup 2018 draw live

World Cup 2018 draw live stream.The 2018 World Cup draw is taking place Friday at the Kremlin, which seems as good a place as any to unveil valuable information of massive global interest. Stay here for live updates and analysis from Moscow

World Cup 2018 draw live

The most contentious issue is that friendly games count in the rankings, although they are worth fewer points. Because team’s positions are based on average points per match, teams that play a lot of friendlies are penalized. Several sides, including Poland, seem to have gamed the system by playing fewer friendlies, which helped their ranking.

The draw is set to kick off around 18:00 local time in Moscow, which means around 15:00 GMT in the UK or 10:00 ET in the US.

Gary Lineker and Maria Komandnaya are the draw conductors and they’ll be assisted by a glittering supporting cast which includes the likes of Diego Maradona, Gordon Banks and Cafu.

Pot 1: Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, France

Pot 2: Spain, Peru, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Croatia

Pot 3: Denmark, Iceland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Iran

Pot 4: Serbia, Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Panama, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.